When you have extracted data through Scitylana you can kick-start the analysis by downloading the Excel 2013 Template File attached to this article (see below). The file contains a few dummy data which you can overwrite with your own data in the following way.

I want to use Excel 2016 template instead!

I want to use Power BI template instead!

How to load your own data into the Excel 2013 file:

  1. Open the the Excel file downloaded from this page
  2. In the top ribbon, click POWER QUERY > Launch Editor
  3. In the left-hand pane, click the Scitylana query:

  4. In the Applied Steps pane to the right, click Source:

  5. In the Formula Bar change the folder path from C:\Users\cv\Documents\MyDataFolder to the path of your data folder (in doubt where to find this? See below):

  6. Repeat step 1-5 for the Calendar query: Click the CalendarĀ query; click SourceĀ and change to your data path in the Formula Bar.
  7. Click Close & Load:

  8. The data will now load into the Power Pivot data model. To refresh later, simply click Data > Refresh in the top ribbon.

How to find you data folder path:

When you set up a new data extraction from Google Analytics, you can specify where to store the extracted data. The default setting is under your Document folder:

Later, when you have successfully implemented User ID tracking and completed your configuration, you will see the following:

To copy your data folder path, simply click the link data folder.