To enable click-level data extraction from Google Analytics (GA) you must track unique User IDs in a custom dimension. You can do so with Google Tag Manager in the following way. 

Prerequisite: Only Universal Analytics ("analytics.js”) is supported at the moment (not “ga.js”). This guide does not cover mobile apps tracking.

Part 1/3: Create a custom dimension in Google Analytics

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics
  2. Click Admin
  3. Select your Account and Property
  4. Expand Custom Definitions and click Custom Dimensions:

  6. Enter scitylana in the Name textbox and select Hit scope:

  7. Click Create
  8. Write down/note the Index value of the new scitylana custom dimension. This is a number between 1-20 in the free edition of GA or 1-200 in Premium.

Part 2/3: Create the SCITYLANA custom JavaScript variable in Google Tag Manager

  1. Sign in to Google Tag Manager
  2. Select the container of your site
  3. Click on Variables in the menu on you left-hand side.
  4. Click on the NEW button
  5. Click Untitled Variable and rename to scitylana
  6. Click Variable Configuration
  7. Click on Custom JavaScript
  8. Follow this link and copy all the text (e.g. press CTRL + A then CTRL + C)
  9. Paste the text into the textbox. (e.g. use CTRL + V)
  10. Change the text UA-XXXXXXXX-Y to your tracker ID (for the experienced GTM user, you can use a constant using the bracket notation {{constant}} )
  11. Click SAVE

Part 3/3: Add the scitylana variable to all the Universal Analytics tags.
  1. Click Tags from the left menu
  2. Sort your tags by clicking on Type:

  3. Scroll down to the section where the Type column reads Universal Analytics (UA):

  4. Click on the tag you will edit (you must repeat this process for all the Universal Analytics tags)
  5. Click on Tag Configuration
  6. If Enable overriding settings in this tag is set then continue. (*
  7. Expand More settings
  8. Expand Custom Dimensions
  10. In the first field (index) insert index value from Part 1/3
  11. In the second field Dimension Value write {{scitylana}}
  12. Click SAVE (upper-right corner)
  13. Repeat steps 5-12 for all the tags named Universal Analytics under Type.
  14. Select Preview and debug and check you have no script errors on your site
  15. Select Publish

(* If you use a Google Analytics Settings variable in GTM, set the custom dimension there and skip the rest of the guide.