Required: The Scitylana app must be installed.

You grant Scitylana access to Google Analytics the first time you set up a data extraction. You only need to do this once since the connection to GA is saved and reused for all future data extractions (until you revoke authorization).

You can grant access to more than one Google Analytics account. This will enable you to select from a longer list of GA properties and views within Scitylana.

How to grant access

  1. Click thebutton in the upper right corner
  2. Select the FREE plan or one of the premium ones
  3. Click Authorize access to a Google account in the dialogue that appears
  4. In the dialogue that appears, click Proceed to Google. This will take you to Google's authorization pages.
  5. Select your Google Account
  6. Click Allow:

    This will take you back to your Scitylana account and you should see your GA account listed under Access to Google Analytics.

  7. Configure the rest of your data extraction and click Save