Requirements: The Scitylana app must be installed and online.

Starting a new data extraction allows you to load raw Google Analytics data onto your hard drive. You must specify the property and view you want data from and where to store the data.

How to start a new data extraction
  1. Click  in the upper right corner
  2. Select one of the plans: Free, Startup, Business or Growth (all plans start out with a free 30 days trial on the Growth Plan and will automatically downgrade when the trial expires).
  3. Click Authorize access to a Google account (see also Granting access to Google Analytics)
  4. Click Proceed to Google 
  5. Select the account in the drop down list:

  6. Select a property and a view using the drop-down lists
  7. Click Edit Output Columns if you want to customize your extracted data set
  8. Select an Output folder on your hard drive for your data extraction
  9. Click Save

You configuration should look similar to this:

When you click Save you will see a message informing you about the progress of your data extraction.

Learn more about the progress message >>