When you complete a new configuration, you will see a message informing about the progress of your data extraction. The message includes three green lamps, which, ideally, should all turn on. The two first lamps reflect the two main requirements for a data extraction to be successful:

  1. You must first of all grant access to Google Analytics
  2. You must implement User IDs on the website you want data from

The third lamp indicated whether or not the data extraction has started. Once this lamp turns on, your data are loaded onto your hard drive.

Only one green lamp turns on

In this case, you have successfully granted access to Google Analytics, but the Scitylana app failed to find User IDs in a custom dimension.

If you have just implemented User IDs (i.e. the same day you set up the data extraction), it may well be that Google Analytics hasn't had enough time to process the custom dimension with the IDs. In this case, you should wait (up to 24 hours) and click refresh to test again later.


If only one green lamp turns on even after 24 hours, you should review your User ID implementation. Feel free to contact our Support Team for help.


Two green lamps turn on

In this case, you have successfully granted access and Scitylana has found User IDs correctly implemented on your website. The data extraction has not started yet, but it should be simply a matter of time. Wait a bit and click refresh to see if the last green lamp turns on.

Three green lamps turn on

You're good to go :-)

The data extraction has started and you should be able to see your data folder being populated with a series of text files. You will receive one file per day, containing one day of data from GA.

To start analyzing your data, you can download our Excel or Power BI templates:


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