The Scitylana plugin for Google Analytics must be implemented for each Google Analytics web property you want data from. 

This is done automatically by Scitylana if you use Google Tag Manager (GTM) with your property. In this case, simply start a new data extraction, authorize access to Google and select property/view. Next, Scitylana will automatically set up the plugin using the API for both Google Analytics and GTM.

If you DO NOT use Google Tag Manager

If you do not use GTM, you will receive manual set-up instructions after selecting a Google Analytics property in the data extraction dialogue:

  1. Start a new data extraction
  2. Authorize access and select GA property/view
  3. Follow the instructions under section 4: User ID Tracking
  4. Click Save (when section 4 says Plugin installed)

If the third lamp User ID plugin is not green, you need to implement the Scitylana GA plugin manually. To get instructions for this, click the link follow this guide in the progress message:

This will open the dialogue below. It asks you first of all to select the way you have implemented the Google Analytics tracking snippet. If you have implemented the GA snippet through your Content Management System (CMS), select the tab Shopify, Wordpress, etc. If you have inserted the snippet directly into your HTML code through your backend, select Backend, html, .js

Now follow the instructions on the selected tab.