When you have extracted data through Scitylana, you can kick-start the analysis by downloading the Excel 2016 Template File attached to this article (see below). The file contains a few dummy data which you can overwrite with your own data in the following way.

I want to use Excel 2013 template instead!

I want to use Power BI template instead!

How to load your own data into the Excel 2016 file:

  1. Open the the Excel 2016 file downloaded from this page
  2. In the top ribbon, click Data > New Query > Combine Queries > Launch Query Editor:

  3. In the left-hand pane, click the Scitylana query:

  4. In the Applied Steps pane to the right, click Source:

  5. In the Formula Bar change the folder path from C:\Users\cv\Documents\MyDataFolder to the path of your data folder (in doubt where to find this? See below):

  6. Repeat step 1-5 for the Calendar query: Click the Calendar query; click Source and change to your data path in the Formula Bar.

  7. Click Close & Load:

  8. The data will now load into the Power Pivot data model. To refresh later, simply click Data > Refresh All in the top ribbon.

How to find you data folder path:

When you set up a new data extraction from Google Analytics, you can specify where to store the extracted data. 

Later, when you have successfully implemented User ID tracking and completed your configuration, you will see the following:

To copy your data folder path, simply click the link data folder.