Once you have set up a data extraction from Google Analytics, the data will be delivered as text files to the output folder you have specified. 

The data are separated into a header file - which only contains the names of the columns in your data set - and a series of files with the contents of the columns. 

There is one file for each day of data you extract from Google Analytics.

All file names start with a version ID (e.g. "S3") which increments everytime we release a new version of Scitylana which changes the format of the data set. The version ID is followed by the ID of the GA View you are extracting data from (e.g. "136604982"). Next come "00header" for the header file and the date (ISO 8601 basic format) of the extracted data (e.g. "20170717").


As can be seen, the time range of the above data is July 17 - 28, 2017.