The following is an overview of the dimensions and metrics Scitylana can extract from Google Analytics (GA).

The sl_ dimensions (e.g. sl_userId) are generated by Scitylana and added to the dataset. Scitylana uses the API names of the variables extracted from GA.

All Google Analytics metrics are renamed from ga:<name> to M_<name>. For example, M_bounces is the renamed version of ga:bounces. All dimensions are re-named from ga:<name> to <name>. For example, ga:userType is renamed userType.

(*) denotes variables which are calculated or derived from other variables in GA and which come out as hit level because Google only applies the value to the first hit in each session. For example, M_sessions is derived from the GA Client ID (count or distinct count), but is only applied to the first hit in each session. We recommend as far as possible that these variables be reconstructed from other extracted variable. For example, we recommend that ga:sessions / M_sessions be calculated as distinct count of sl_sessionId and not included in the data extraction.  

Index Category Scitylana Column Name Scope Description
0 Scitylana sl_userId User GA Client ID (or User ID if implemented)
1 Scitylana sl_sessionId Session A unique session identifyer
2 Scitylana sl_hitOrder Hit Order of hits
3 Scitylana sl_pageviewOrder Hit Order of pageview
4 Scitylana sl_hitType Hit Type of hit (event, pageview, etc.)
5 Scitylana sl_timeStamp Hit Timestamp of hit
6 Scitylana sl_propertyId Hit GA property (UA- XXXXXXXXX-YY)
7 Scitylana sl_viewId Hit GA View ID
8 User userType Session ga:userType
9 User sessionCount Session ga:sessionCount
10 User daysSinceLastSession Session ga:daysSinceLastSession
11 User userDefinedValue Session ga:userDefinedValue
12 User M_newUsers Hit (*) ga:newUsers
13 Session sessionDurationBucket Session ga:sessionDurationBucket
14 Session M_bounces Hit (*) ga:bounces
15 Session M_sessionDuration Hit (*) ga:sessionDuration
16 Session M_sessions Hit (*) ga:sessions
17 Session M_hits Hit ga:hits
18 Traffic Sources referralPath Session ga:referralPath
19 Traffic Sources fullReferrer Session ga:fullReferrer
20 Traffic Sources campaign Session ga:campaign
21 Traffic Sources source Session ga:source
22 Traffic Sources medium Session ga:medium
23 Traffic Sources sourceMedium Session ga:sourceMedium
24 Traffic Sources keyword Session ga:keyword
25 Traffic Sources adContent Session ga:adContent
26 Traffic Sources socialNetwork Session ga:socialNetwork
27 Traffic Sources hasSocialSourceReferral Session ga:hasSocialSourceReferral
28 Traffic Sources campaignCode Session ga:campaignCode
29 Traffic Sources M_organicSearches Hit (*) ga:organicSearches
30 Adwords adGroup Session ga:adGroup
31 Adwords adSlot Session ga:adSlot
32 Adwords adDistributionNetwork Session ga:adDistributionNetwork
33 Adwords adMatchType Session ga:adMatchType
34 Adwords adKeywordMatchType Session ga:adKeywordMatchType
35 Adwords adMatchedQuery Session ga:adMatchedQuery
36 Adwords adPlacementDomain Session ga:adPlacementDomain
37 Adwords adPlacementUrl Session ga:adPlacementUrl
38 Adwords adFormat Session ga:adFormat
39 Adwords adTargetingType Session ga:adTargetingType
40 Adwords adTargetingOption Session ga:adTargetingOption
41 Adwords adDisplayUrl Session ga:adDisplayUrl
42 Adwords adDestinationUrl Session ga:adDestinationUrl
43 Adwords adwordsCustomerID Session ga:adwordsCustomerID
44 Adwords adwordsCampaignID Session ga:adwordsCampaignID
45 Adwords adwordsAdGroupID Session ga:adwordsAdGroupID
46 Adwords adwordsCreativeID Session ga:adwordsCreativeID
47 Adwords adwordsCriteriaID Session ga:adwordsCriteriaID
48 Adwords adQueryWordCount Session ga:adQueryWordCount
49 Adwords isTrueViewVideoAd Session ga:isTrueViewVideoAd
50 N/A sl_res21
Columns reserved for future use
51 N/A sl_res22
Columns reserved for future use
52 N/A sl_res23
Columns reserved for future use
53 Goal Conversions goalCompletionLocation Hit ga:goalCompletionLocation
54 Goal Conversions goalPreviousStep1 Hit ga:goalPreviousStep1
55 Goal Conversions goalPreviousStep2 Hit ga:goalPreviousStep2
56 Goal Conversions goalPreviousStep3 Hit ga:goalPreviousStep3
57 Goal Conversions M_goal1Starts Hit ga:goal1Starts
58 Goal Conversions M_goal2Starts Hit ga:goal2Starts
59 Goal Conversions M_goal3Starts Hit ga:goal3Starts
60 Goal Conversions M_goal4Starts Hit ga:goal4Starts
61 Goal Conversions M_goal5Starts Hit ga:goal5Starts
62 Goal Conversions M_goal6Starts Hit ga:goal6Starts
63 Goal Conversions M_goal7Starts Hit ga:goal7Starts
64 Goal Conversions M_goal8Starts Hit ga:goal8Starts
65 Goal Conversions M_goal9Starts Hit ga:goal9Starts
66 Goal Conversions M_goal10Starts Hit ga:goal10Starts
67 Goal Conversions M_goal11Starts Hit ga:goal11Starts
68 Goal Conversions M_goal12Starts Hit ga:goal12Starts
69 Goal Conversions M_goal13Starts Hit ga:goal13Starts
70 Goal Conversions M_goal14Starts Hit ga:goal14Starts
71 Goal Conversions M_goal15Starts Hit ga:goal15Starts
72 Goal Conversions M_goal16Starts Hit ga:goal16Starts
73 Goal Conversions M_goal17Starts Hit ga:goal17Starts
74 Goal Conversions M_goal18Starts Hit ga:goal18Starts
75 Goal Conversions M_goal19Starts Hit ga:goal19Starts
76 Goal Conversions M_goal20Starts Hit ga:goal20Starts
77 Goal Conversions M_goal1Value Hit ga:goal1Value
78 Goal Conversions M_goal2Value Hit ga:goal2Value
79 Goal Conversions M_goal3Value Hit ga:goal3Value
80 Goal Conversions M_goal4Value Hit ga:goal4Value
81 Goal Conversions M_goal5Value Hit ga:goal5Value
82 Goal Conversions M_goal6Value Hit ga:goal6Value
83 Goal Conversions M_goal7Value Hit ga:goal7Value
84 Goal Conversions M_goal8Value Hit ga:goal8Value
85 Goal Conversions M_goal9Value Hit ga:goal9Value
86 Goal Conversions M_goal10Value Hit ga:goal10Value
87 Goal Conversions M_goal11Value Hit ga:goal11Value
88 Goal Conversions M_goal12Value Hit ga:goal12Value
89 Goal Conversions M_goal13Value Hit ga:goal13Value
90 Goal Conversions M_goal14Value Hit ga:goal14Value
91 Goal Conversions M_goal15Value Hit ga:goal15Value
92 Goal Conversions M_goal16Value Hit ga:goal16Value
93 Goal Conversions M_goal17Value Hit ga:goal17Value
94 Goal Conversions M_goal18Value Hit ga:goal18Value
95 Goal Conversions M_goal19Value Hit ga:goal19Value
96 Goal Conversions M_goal20Value Hit ga:goal20Value
97 Goal Conversions M_goal1Completions Hit ga:goal1Completions
98 Goal Conversions M_goal2Completions Hit ga:goal2Completions
99 Goal Conversions M_goal3Completions Hit ga:goal3Completions
100 Goal Conversions M_goal4Completions Hit ga:goal4Completions
101 Goal Conversions M_goal5Completions Hit ga:goal5Completions
102 Goal Conversions M_goal6Completions Hit ga:goal6Completions
103 Goal Conversions M_goal7Completions Hit ga:goal7Completions
104 Goal Conversions M_goal8Completions Hit ga:goal8Completions
105 Goal Conversions M_goal9Completions Hit ga:goal9Completions
106 Goal Conversions M_goal10Completions Hit ga:goal10Completions
107 Goal Conversions M_goal11Completions Hit ga:goal11Completions
108 Goal Conversions M_goal12Completions Hit ga:goal12Completions
109 Goal Conversions M_goal13Completions Hit ga:goal13Completions
110 Goal Conversions M_goal14Completions Hit ga:goal14Completions
111 Goal Conversions M_goal15Completions Hit ga:goal15Completions
112 Goal Conversions M_goal16Completions Hit ga:goal16Completions
113 Goal Conversions M_goal17Completions Hit ga:goal17Completions
114 Goal Conversions M_goal18Completions Hit ga:goal18Completions
115 Goal Conversions M_goal19Completions Hit ga:goal19Completions
116 Goal Conversions M_goal20Completions Hit ga:goal20Completions
117 Goal Conversions M_goalStartsAll Hit ga:goalStartsAll
118 Goal Conversions M_goalCompletionsAll Hit ga:goalCompletionsAll
119 Goal Conversions M_goalValueAll Hit ga:goalValueAll
120 Platform or Device browser Session ga:browser
121 Platform or Device browserVersion Session ga:browserVersion
122 Platform or Device operatingSystem Session ga:operatingSystem
123 Platform or Device operatingSystemVersion Session ga:operatingSystemVersion
124 Platform or Device mobileDeviceBranding Session ga:mobileDeviceBranding
125 Platform or Device mobileDeviceModel Session ga:mobileDeviceModel
126 Platform or Device mobileInputSelector Session ga:mobileInputSelector
127 Platform or Device mobileDeviceInfo Session ga:mobileDeviceInfo
128 Platform or Device mobileDeviceMarketingName Session ga:mobileDeviceMarketingName
129 Platform or Device deviceCategory Session ga:deviceCategory
130 Platform or Device browserSize Session ga:browserSize
131 Platform or Device dataSource Hit ga:dataSource
132 Geo Network continent Session ga:continent
133 Geo Network subContinent Session ga:subContinent
134 Geo Network country Session ga:country
135 Geo Network region Session ga:region
136 Geo Network metro Session ga:metro
137 Geo Network city Session ga:city
138 Geo Network latitude Session ga:latitude
139 Geo Network longitude Session ga:longitude
140 Geo Network networkDomain Session ga:networkDomain
141 Geo Network networkLocation Session ga:networkLocation
142 Geo Network cityId Session ga:cityId
143 Geo Network continentId Session ga:continentId
144 Geo Network countryIsoCode Session ga:countryIsoCode
145 Geo Network metroId Session ga:metroId
146 Geo Network regionId Session ga:regionId
147 Geo Network regionIsoCode Session ga:regionIsoCode
148 Geo Network subContinentCode Session ga:subContinentCode
149 System flashVersion Session ga:flashVersion
150 System javaEnabled Session ga:javaEnabled
151 System language Session ga:language
152 System screenColors Session ga:screenColors
153 System sourcePropertyDisplayName Session ga:sourcePropertyDisplayName
154 System sourcePropertyTrackingId Session ga:sourcePropertyTrackingId
155 System screenResolution Session ga:screenResolution
156 Page Tracking hostname Hit ga:hostname
157 Page Tracking pagePath Hit ga:pagePath
158 Page Tracking pagePathLevel1 Hit Under construction
159 Page Tracking pagePathLevel2 Hit Under construction
160 Page Tracking pagePathLevel3 Hit Under construction
161 Page Tracking pagePathLevel4 Hit Under construction
162 Page Tracking pageTitle Hit ga:pageTitle
163 Page Tracking landingPagePath Hit ga:landingPagePath
164 Page Tracking secondPagePath Hit ga:secondPagePath
165 Page Tracking exitPagePath Hit ga:exitPagePath
166 Page Tracking previousPagePath Hit ga:previousPagePath
167 Page Tracking pageDepth Session ga:pageDepth
168 Page Tracking M_timeOnPage Hit ga:timeOnPage
169 Page Tracking M_pageValue Hit ga:pageValue
170 Page Tracking M_pageviews Hit ga:pageviews
171 Internal Search searchUsed Session ga:searchUsed
172 Internal Search searchKeyword Hit ga:searchKeyword
173 Internal Search searchKeywordRefinement Hit ga:searchKeywordRefinement
174 Internal Search searchCategory Hit ga:searchCategory
175 Internal Search searchStartPage Hit ga:searchStartPage
176 Internal Search searchDestinationPage Hit ga:searchDestinationPage
177 Internal Search searchAfterDestinationPage Hit ga:searchAfterDestinationPage
178 Internal Search M_searchUniques Hit (*) ga:searchUniques
179 Internal Search M_searchRefinements Hit (*) ga:searchRefinements
180 Internal Search M_searchExits Hit (*) ga:searchExits
181 Site Speed M_pageLoadTime Hit ga:pageLoadTime
182 Site Speed M_domainLookupTime Hit ga:domainLookupTime
183 Site Speed M_pageDownloadTime Hit ga:pageDownloadTime
184 Site Speed M_redirectionTime Hit ga:redirectionTime
185 Site Speed M_serverConnectionTime Hit ga:serverConnectionTime
186 Site Speed M_serverResponseTime Hit ga:serverResponseTime
187 Site Speed M_domInteractiveTime Hit ga:domInteractiveTime
188 Site Speed M_domContentLoadedTime Hit ga:domContentLoadedTime
189 Event eventCategory Hit ga:eventCategory
190 Event eventAction Hit ga:eventAction
191 Event eventLabel Hit ga:eventLabel
192 Event M_eventValue Hit ga:eventValue
193 Event M_totalEvents Hit ga:totalEvents
194 Ecommerce transactionId Hit ga:transactionId
195 Ecommerce affiliation
Under construction
196 Ecommerce sessionsToTransaction Product
197 Ecommerce daysToTransaction Product
198 Ecommerce productSku
Under construction
199 Ecommerce productName
Under construction
200 Ecommerce productCategory
Under construction
201 Ecommerce currencyCode Hit ga:currencyCode
202 Ecommerce checkoutOptions Hit ga:checkoutOptions
203 Ecommerce internalPromotionCreative Hit ga:internalPromotionCreative
204 Ecommerce internalPromotionId Hit ga:internalPromotionId
205 Ecommerce internalPromotionName Hit ga:internalPromotionName
206 Ecommerce internalPromotionPosition Hit ga:internalPromotionPosition
207 Ecommerce orderCouponCode Hit ga:orderCouponCode
208 Ecommerce productBrand
Under construction
209 Ecommerce productCategoryHierarchy
Under construction
210 Ecommerce productCategoryLevel1
Under construction
211 Ecommerce productCategoryLevel2
Under construction
212 Ecommerce productCategoryLevel3
Under construction
213 Ecommerce productCategoryLevel4
Under construction
214 Ecommerce productCategoryLevel5
Under construction
215 Ecommerce productCouponCode
Under construction
216 Ecommerce productListName
Under construction
217 Ecommerce productVariant
Under construction
218 Ecommerce shoppingStage
219 Ecommerce M_transactionRevenue Hit ga:transactionRevenue
220 Ecommerce M_transactionShipping Hit ga:transactionShipping
221 Ecommerce M_transactionTax Hit ga:transactionTax
222 Ecommerce M_itemQuantity Hit ga:itemQuantity
223 Ecommerce M_itemRevenue Hit ga:itemRevenue
224 Ecommerce M_localTransactionRevenue Hit ga:localTransactionRevenue
225 Ecommerce M_localTransactionShipping Hit ga:localTransactionShipping
226 Ecommerce M_localTransactionTax Hit ga:localTransactionTax
227 Ecommerce M_localItemRevenue Hit ga:localItemRevenue
228 Ecommerce M_internalPromotionClicks Hit ga:internalPromotionClicks
229 Ecommerce M_localProductRefundAmount Hit ga:localProductRefundAmount
230 Ecommerce M_localRefundAmount Hit ga:localRefundAmount
231 Ecommerce M_productAddsToCart Hit ga:productAddsToCart
232 Ecommerce M_productCheckouts Hit ga:productCheckouts
233 Ecommerce M_productDetailViews Hit ga:productDetailViews
234 Ecommerce M_productListClicks Hit ga:productListClicks
235 Ecommerce M_productListViews Hit ga:productListViews
236 Ecommerce M_productRefundAmount Hit ga:productRefundAmount
237 Ecommerce M_productRefunds Hit ga:productRefunds
238 Ecommerce M_productRemovesFromCart Hit ga:productRemovesFromCart
239 Ecommerce M_quantityAddedToCart Hit ga:quantityAddedToCart
240 Ecommerce M_quantityCheckedOut Hit ga:quantityCheckedOut
241 Ecommerce M_quantityRefunded Hit ga:quantityRefunded
242 Ecommerce M_quantityRemovedFromCart Hit ga:quantityRemovedFromCart
243 Ecommerce M_refundAmount Hit ga:refundAmount
244 Ecommerce M_totalRefunds Hit ga:totalRefunds
245 Ecommerce M_totalValue Hit ga:totalValue
246 Social Interactions socialInteractionNetwork Hit ga:socialInteractionNetwork
247 Social Interactions socialInteractionAction Hit ga:socialInteractionAction
248 Social Interactions socialInteractionNetworkAction Hit ga:socialInteractionNetworkAction
249 Social Interactions socialInteractionTarget Hit ga:socialInteractionTarget
250 Social Interactions socialEngagementType Hit ga:socialEngagementType
251 Content Experiments experimentId Hit ga:experimentId
252 Content Experiments experimentVariant Hit ga:experimentVariant
253 Custom Variables dimension1
254 Custom Variables dimension2
255 Custom Variables dimension3
256 Custom Variables dimension4
257 Custom Variables dimension5
258 Custom Variables dimension6
259 Custom Variables dimension7
260 Custom Variables dimension8
261 Custom Variables dimension9
262 Custom Variables dimension10
263 Custom Variables dimension11
264 Custom Variables dimension12
265 Custom Variables dimension13
266 Custom Variables dimension14
267 Custom Variables dimension15
268 Custom Variables dimension16
269 Custom Variables dimension17
270 Custom Variables dimension18
271 Custom Variables dimension19
272 Custom Variables dimension20
273 Custom Variables M_metric1
274 Custom Variables M_metric2
275 Custom Variables M_metric3
276 Custom Variables M_metric4
277 Custom Variables M_metric5
278 Custom Variables M_metric6
279 Custom Variables M_metric7
280 Custom Variables M_metric8
281 Custom Variables M_metric9
282 Custom Variables M_metric10
283 Custom Variables M_metric11
284 Custom Variables M_metric12
285 Custom Variables M_metric13
286 Custom Variables M_metric14
287 Custom Variables M_metric15
288 Custom Variables M_metric16
289 Custom Variables M_metric17
290 Custom Variables M_metric18
291 Custom Variables M_metric19
292 Custom Variables M_metric20
293 Channel Grouping channelGrouping Session ga:channelGrouping
294 N/A sl_res1
Columns reserved for future use
295 N/A sl_res2
Columns reserved for future use
296 N/A sl_res3
Columns reserved for future use
297 N/A sl_res4
Columns reserved for future use
298 N/A sl_res5
Columns reserved for future use
299 N/A sl_res6
Columns reserved for future use
300 N/A sl_res7
Columns reserved for future use
301 N/A sl_res8
Columns reserved for future use
302 N/A sl_res9
Columns reserved for future use
303 N/A sl_res10
Columns reserved for future use
304 N/A sl_res11
Columns reserved for future use
305 N/A sl_res12
Columns reserved for future use
306 N/A sl_res13
Columns reserved for future use
307 N/A sl_res14
Columns reserved for future use
308 N/A sl_res15
Columns reserved for future use
309 N/A sl_res16
Columns reserved for future use
310 N/A sl_res17
Columns reserved for future use
311 N/A sl_res18
Columns reserved for future use
312 N/A sl_res19
Columns reserved for future use
313 N/A sl_res20
Columns reserved for future use